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Micro Loans

If enterprise is a critical factor for both ministry sustainability and individual/community empowerment - as we believe they are - then creating opportunities to act on ideas is pretty important in our eyes. The beauty of the kinds of enterprise in which LifeLine engages is that they are low risk, low investment entities. Therefore, it is possible to be intentional and aggressive in pursuit and empowerment. Specifically, LifeLine is interested in "pouring gasoline on peoples' burning bushes" through offering micro loans for enterprise start ups. In doing so, we are expressing our core values of creativity, community, a corporate mind of Christ and, especially, justice. We believe it ultimately just to empower people on the socio-economic margins of society to break the systemic chains that make and keep them poor.

Micro loans typically are for amounts ranging between $50 and $500, and are used for basic start up materials such as equipment and supplies, or simple printing or marketing needs. Examples of this might be the purchase of a lawn mower, trimmers and printed flyers for someone who is starting a lawn or yard care business; the purchase of appropriate computer software for a person who is starting a resume service or freelance graphic design business; or the purchase of tools for someone starting a home remodeling or repair service.

Of course, there are criteria required for acquiring a LifeLine micro loan, but because the amounts and attendant risks are relatively small, we can be generous and open-handed with people who may be unable to obtain larger loans from more common sources such as banks. The LifeLine Board of Directors establishes loan criteria, establishes terms, and determines all loan approvals. All LifeLine micro loan policies and procedures are available in printed form upon request, and may be changed by the Board of Directors without notice.