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Kissing the Rain

One of my dearest friends is an amazing young woman who has helped and inspired me far more than she knows. I think maybe one of the reasons her life has spoken so loudly into my own is that she is without pretense, and in the simple, unadorned expression of her life there’s a lot of wisdom.


There is an old expression that goes something like “Into every life a little rain must fall.” I think the truest word in this expression is “every.” No one is exempt. I admit there are some people I have known that seem to experience monsoon season almost continually, or at least more often than the natural progression of seasons should bring, but every life gets rain. Most of us try to stay inside or take cover when this happens, and I have often been one of those.


I remember the day Sarah told me about rain. We were going to go walk and talk at a park, but gathering clouds moved me to suggest a different activity. One of the indoor variety. Suddenly, thunder. Sarah told me how much she liked the rain, and then she told me why she thought so many avoid it: “I think people are afraid to feel.”


I won’t presume to speak for anyone else here. I admit that I have often been one to avoid the rain, both literally and metaphorically, but that avoidance has diminished over these last 2 ½ years. I have been learning to walk in it, to turn my face up to meet it, and I’m even learning to race in it. I don’t mean to say that it’s always pleasant or enjoyable, but it is better than not feeling. Walking in the rain is better than denying it or avoiding it or hiding from it.


Some time ago, my friend introduced me to the wonderful music of Yiruma. I’m not even sure she knows that I was unfamiliar with him before I heard her play one of his songs one evening. I’ve since fallen in love with his music, and it is my most-played Pandora station. Among the songs in his repertoire that I have come to treasure is called “Kiss the Rain.” I would not claim to often do this, but I want to. I’m learning. And I’m grateful for a friend who helps me to turn my face up into the falling rain of my own experience, and to more fully feel the kiss of all of my life.