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Today, I had the privilege of meeting a man I would call a giant. In a good way.


John Perkins, at the age of 7 months, lost his mother to starvation in 1920’s Mississippi. That’s starvation in the United States. He was one of 19 children of sharecroppers. He lived through the racial tensions of the south – you know, the dehumanization and the segregation and the lynchings. He lived through the civil rights movement of the 50’s and 60’s – you know, the beatings and the dogs and the firehoses and the murders.


John Perkins, over the past 57 years, has been one of the leading advocates for justice and racial reconciliation in the church and in the nation. He founded and still chairs the Board of the Christian Community Development Association, the largest such organization in the world. He has stimulated urban renewal and creative enterprise and educational programs in small towns and large cities across this country. He has authored books and mentored dynamic change agents and served the common good at uncommon levels. And he has spent all these years profoundly “with” people living through some of the most difficult circumstances life has to offer.


Today, I got to sit in an auditorium and listen to this man whose physical stature has clearly diminished in the last several of his 84 years. Twice. And I got to talk with him at his book table, and again after his final talk of the day. His voice dripped with the kind of grace that only comes from having allowed his life to be hammered on the anvil of shared suffering and grief. And his words thundered with the kind of authority that only comes by that same path. In a world that mostly rewards those who seize power by force, and who demand recognition and deference and preference for themselves, John Perkins is a man whose voice thunders because of its authenticity and whose life thunders because of his service.


And that is the character of a giant. In a good way.