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Tina's Dance

You just wanted to dance,
But your life wouldn't cooperate
With that secret longing of yours.
Instead, it forced you to fight
Again and again and yet again,
Making you a reluctant warrior
In a battle for final domination
Not of your body, but your soul.

I remember the strength
With which you faced your enemy,
How fixed on triumph you remained.
Your resolute spirit refused
To buckle in the face of assault –
Your eyes focused on a prize
That no one else seemed to see:
You just really wanted to dance.

With each negative report
Something deep within stood up,
Refusing homage to the oppressor
Determined to look him in the eye.
Four times you struggled and won
Only to hear dreaded words again,
But with every repulsed advance
Your jubilant dance found legs.

Your inner self partied
But your body reaped a toll,
So when came yet another attack
Your defenses were weakened
And resolve gave way to fatigue;
Though you resisted valiantly
The adversary's advance guard
Penetrated to new depths.

I watched with jaw-dropping awe
As you wrestled for sov'reignty
In the recesses of your psyche;
And stood amazed as a witness
To your unmitigated conviction
That you would keep your promise
To promise again and anew,
Dancing a renewed wedding march.

First left arm, followed by leg,
Then right leg and its trailing arm.
Inexorably, stealthily,
Guerrilla forces embezzled
All of your strength and reserves
Til your dance was just a daydream,
Retreat seemed inevitable,
And I know you wanted to quit.

Still finally came the day
You so long had awaited,
And again refusing surrender
Made promises with conviction
And more than a hundred watching.
It took all of your love, will and might,
But you were not to be denied –
And your eyes danced through the fight.

They say every girl wants
To waltz at her wedding with Daddy,
Yet the day's promises made and kept
Couldn't move your war-torn body.
But two days later, still fast in bed,
Greg, kids, mom and me alongside,
You said your regret-less goodbyes
And danced your Father-daughter dance.