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Here I Stand

I read about a place in time where people once walked 'round
Sans clothing – and it wasn't just "the style."
Assured about who they were, nothing from the eye was hid,
Yet humanity's famous shame was nowhere to be found.

Then, the day genuine was abdicated, along with its position,
And cover-up became the norm – and not for just awhile.
Security lost, scramble begun, the "best-foot-forward-world"
Reversed the good, and self-protection became our mission.

I mean, of course, my mission.
Bravado be damned – I admit it – I'm scared,
Knowing the real me as I do,
Sure rejection's more certain than acceptance.

So I hide from you my lust and greed;
And reveal just the tip of my ego.
My appetites and deep addictions
I don't allow a peek at the light of day.

In hope of recognition or – more – status,
I deal in practiced pretentions;
While murder and hatred concealed in my heart
Convict me with no need of a trial.

Possessions all mine, I keep them for myself,
Along with my myriad obsessions;
When envy of yours becomes my deliberation,
I go underground for covert maneuvers.

I cover up in layers the marks of who I am – or believe I am...
Weak, wounded, fearful and grieving,
Guilty, outcast, lonely and ashamed;
Choosing life in the dichotomy of my own civil war – and alone.

Yet in th' internal conflict there's a longing
For an everyday life I've seen little and known less;
Where hidden-ness gives way to openness,
And perfect plastic melts into pooled veracity.

This longing's not mine alone – I think it God's as well –
Wistf'ly remembering a horribly lost moment,
Wishing the former fully restored,
I'm certain God misses the intimacy like me – but willing.

Nor God's and mine alone, this longing,
I think it a human universal.
We know that there's more and better than this,
But we've been convinced it's too much to hope for.

But again this day, genuine can be restored to its rightful eternal position,
And cover-up no longer the norm – for it's no longer needed.
Security won, scramble surrendered, authentic foot we put forward;
Recov'ring the good, understanding becomes our mission – no, mine.

Could we return to a time and place where we again walk 'round
Sans clothing – not just the material kind?
Acceptance assured, and secure my place in the pool,
My infamous shame unable to condemn – nowhere to be found?

I guess there's only one way to know –
So here I stand...sans clothing.