Lifeline This Week

Fri Dec 04 @02:30 - 04:30AM
Mobile Clinic
Sat Dec 05 @05:30 -
LifeLine Community Dinner
Sat Dec 05 @09:00 - 11:30AM
Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic
Sun Dec 06 @05:00 - 08:00AM
Koinos Church
Sat Dec 12 @09:00 - 11:30AM
Downtown Mobile Medical Clinic


Alone I am,
Enveloped in unwanted silence,
Yet still deafened
By the screams of eager accusers.
Arising from the reverberating din,
An all-to-familiar voice –
My own.

Disappointment pounds
Like ocean's surf on shore,
Reducing once-solid rock to sand.

Emptiness o'erflows
Like castle's moat at high tide,
Blurring dreams that were once well-defined.

Uncertainty swirls 'round
Like a whitewater-side pool,
Halting progress once thought inevitable.

Grief flows down
Like raging river over fall,
Reminding once and always of all that's been lost.

Longing I am,
To break the awful silence,
With articulated despair.
But such words just will not come,
Nor do such thoughts linger long
(Though often I want them to) –
Because of You.

Let hope fall gently
Like a warm April rain,
Restoring the promise that now seems lost.