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NOTE: Space was inspired by an article written in the 1930's by Quaker author, mystic and philosopher Thomas Kelly. The article is entitled, Room for the Infinite, and it has shaped many of the desires and intentions of my life.

The Masters are masters
Of a tacit conspiracy
Western civ has willingly bought:
Canvas crowded with intricate thought
Meant to evoke a planned-for response;
Just no original idea
Or viewer imagination –
An exquisite dictatorship.

We join the collusion
While projecting the blame
On whom we make us indebted –
Whether success or celebrity,
Or some other base compensation.
There's a profound fear of white space
Inspiring our news anchor mind
And our desp'rate search to define.

Masters of our own canvas
We cram its surface full,
Leaving nothing to envisage
Not predetermined or designed.
Choosing certainty o'er freedom
And the known 'stead of adventure,
We surrender what we dream of
To a despotic status quo.

It ought not be this way,
Nor was it intended
That beings meant for th' unbounded
Would abdicate the habitat
Naturally fit for our essence,
And our collective restlessness
Belies the claim that we prefer
A life without the mystery.

Oriental masters
Are masters of the space:
A jutting crag or twisted limb
Set against th' infinite backdrop,
Leaving room for imagining
And breathing room to sense wonder,
Trusting the viewer to take part
In the creation of his art.

Finite life set against
The infinite milieu;
What's spoken only eloquent
In its unspeakable context.
Being wrapped in Eternity,
Breathing deeply of Mystery,
We can choose to dwell in the space –
And find out what it means to live.