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Still Remembered

A reflection on the Hall of Names, in Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem. Nazi Germany had, among its intentions, to "wipe the memory of the Jews from the face of the earth." Among its gleeful practices was to hide their intent to exterminate whole groups of Jews until the last possible moment, in order to heighten the sense of shock, disappointment and terror.

My interpretation of the designer's intent:
At the center of the room is a cone shaped, three-foot high wall of stone that hovers above a dark pool of water, symbolizing the dark hole of forgetfulness into which the Germans intended to throw the memory of the Jews. Above is a mirrored duplicate of the cone, the inside of which is covered with faces and names and dates of the dead.

Looking down into the pool, one sees clearly reflected the names and faces and dates, showing that what the Nazis intended to wipe away their memory was turned instead to enshrine it.

Blond-haired, blue-eyed hatred
spent itself without reserve,
And without mercy,
Bent on erasing the memory
Of an entire people
From the annals of history,
From humanity's memory.

Like rain death poured
Drenching all ages alike,
Like a laser it focused
With unrelenting intensity,
Like a dark angel dressed in light
Hiding its true and cruel intent,
Til the last and terrible moment.

Grief and sorrow flowed
From the still-waiting remnant,
Fighting fear for preeminence
In the collective consciousness,
While reprieve's hope waned
And waves of resignation
Eroded survival's resolve.

Hatred, once finally spent,
And in spite of its ultimate loss,
Still celebrated the mighty toll
Exacted on its reviled target.
Certain success in the one respect
Was theirs to secretly treasure:
Namely, someone else suffered more.

Yet life and hope prevail,
Reflected in the mistaken pool:
What was premeditated
As memory's black hole
Reversed the intention,
So that echoed in its quiet waters
Are names and faces recalled the more.