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The Cemetery

There is a haunting beauty to the cemetery,
Among the stones and trees and grass.
Black wrought iron gates open an entire world
Of distant yet somehow treasured pasts.

A peaceful walk through the hallowed stones
May reveal the richest of connections,
Family, roots and other kinds
Of deepest relational perfections.

One can sometimes almost feel them.

Remembrance – that's the word that echoes
Among the weather-worn, tear-stained stones.
Races run and great vict'ries won,
Recalled time and again by visitors of the bones.

There's just something right about that. But...

I can't but be haunted still the more
By the cemetery's greatest wealth:
The fragmentary enterprise of once-dreaming hearts,
Whose dreams died with their earthly health.

Unfinished business, locked up glory –
Like a rose in bud form, abdicating full bloom.
Whether fear or lack or disappointment's to blame,
The choice: poverty of soul, and a still-full womb.

What tragic buried treasure!

Greater than the fear of failure is this:
That I might make some cemetery richer,
The dream and God's glory still shrunken within;
Nothing more than a soul's faded picture.

Anything but that!

I refuse to die with glory yet inside
Unexpressed and locked deeply away.
God forbid that I would die
With anything to bury but remembered bones.