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The Difference

I was one of those loud parents...
You know – cheering, screaming,
Over-the-crowd bellowing,
Pacing with fiery eyes gleaming
With pride for my son.

I wanted them to know he was mine...
All who came – watching, viewing,
Spectators beholding –
Doubtless thinking of suing –
A Dad fully for his son.

I never missed a single game...
Two years – inexorably passing,
Consistently attending,
Parental points amassing,
As if being for him was the pinnacle.

And then...revelation!

Ebay auctions were blazing...
You know – strategizing, bidding,
Over-the-reserve climbing;
Lose this auction – you've gotta be kidding!
There's something better for my son.

I gathered to myself all the stuff
And joined him there –shooting, scoring,
Across-the-rink gliding (well, sort of);
Pails of sweat profusely pouring,
But now I was with my son.

He skated circles around me.
Picture me – gulping, wheezing,
Finally, off-the-rink crawling.
There, deep in his face, pleasing –
More than for, I was with my son.

Opportunities in life abound
To express support and more.
To speak to someone's ongoing fight,
Or remind them of what's core
To who they are.

Everyone needs this – everyone.
To have witnesses to your life
Make the journey more feasible
When, above its challenging strife,
Are heard the words, "I'm for you."

Having been given the choice
'tween two little prepositions,
I'll opt for the four-letter word:
I'll give you the for, as the default position,
But if you want more, I'll be with you.