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The Needle

Innumerable nights as a child: nightmares!
Franticly searching, endlessly striving,
Frustrated efforts to reach the unreachable.
Hopeless and panicked; waking in cold sweat.

Sometimes multiple times in a single night,
Repetitive effort, inescapable desire,
Always failing to grasp the unknown sought-after.
'Til the dreams stopped - but not the feeling.

In adulthood, countless substitutes for the dream sequence:
Teeming PDA, never-ending strategizing,
Like an Ironman hamster on his well-greased wheel,
Ceaseless the pursuit of an ill-defined goal.

More names than I or others could ever count:
Maybe significance, perhaps perfection,
Planning for reaching a pinnacle of achievement
All too soon shadowed by one greater – and yet far off.

Countless the dark nights of the soul in this search,
And endless, its debilitating disappointments.
Like the search for a needle in a haystack,
Still the irresistible reaching for the unreachable.

In the midst of this endless and failed pursuit,
Occasionally, an unexpected and exquisite reversal:
One – whether friend or God – in all-out search for me.
And to my unbounded wonder I am, instead, the found.

Single, the real lesson I must somehow learn:
I am not really the searcher – instead, the needle.
The significance I crave not so much in the finding,
As in the delight of being the found.