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The Wall


Jerusalem, Israel 2006



From insulating distance

your ancient stone-faced persona

seemed, at first, aloof, cold and closed.

Feeling uninvited, like an intruder

I thought myself unwelcome here:

a Tom peeping in on private moments.


Still, tourist instincts prevailed

and I made my way sheepishly

to the place I knew was not my own,

for you seemed ok with the presence

of so many other strangers:

I – in one instant – both drawn and repelled.


Then the moment of first touch –

and I was a lost son come home,

a long-time wanderer finally at rest;

what was important, not my preferred distance

but your unexpected immanence:

an encounter with your assembled past.


I wept at the renewing

of long-forgotten ties that bound

my own life to the uncounted souls

that over time had come to embrace

unspeakable realities

in the shadowed crevices of your face.


I’d thought this place not my own –

yet captive collected mem’ries

there deeply intermingled with mine.

Revealed here, a history shared

with a people whose remembered past

still rains down tears of agony and grief.


Here at the intersection

of humanity’s hopes and fears,

longing heaped upon endless longing,

waiting upon tortured waiting,

I - a visitor - humbly added

to your communal mountain of lament.


Finally, finding myself

inextricably united

to long and relentlessly held hope,

I released the final vestiges

of my former needless reluctance,

and entered fully your rich embrace.


Now wholly identified

with the timeless nameless masses

gathered across history’s annals,

my reservations all departed,

my life forever intertwined with

those whose prayers have found in your 

             face a home.