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Silent Self


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I come to this Peniel

With fight left in me:

The kind of fight that hopes

Against fading hope

That I may be seen

As I wish I were

Rather than as I am.

Preferable to face another

In the chaos and noise

Of everyday activity

Or extraordinary industry,

Than to face my silent self


By jeweled endeavor,

Or The Other Self

Whose silence

Shatters my noise.


My guarded vessel

Hides cracks

And chinks and

Latent glue

By enfolding

Deftly polished fruit,

Pleasingly offered

Impressionable eyes.

Insider view

Not easily duped,

Self sees

Shattered slivers

Of splintered soul

Devoid the fruit –

The kind of empty

Not just vacant,

But decisively broken.



Here I start my hermitage,

Desiring neither silence

Nor solitude,

Yet present.

I am willing,

but not expectant;

And curious

More than surrendered.

I want to cooperate

And not miss the moment,

But there is no mistaking

My lack of resource

And reserve.

Empty I am.

Empty I come.

Empty I wait.

Empty I hope for hope.