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At some point the others left.
I must have been deeply dreaming.
I, who sleep with ears forward,
restless in spirit and awake to danger
from a thousand and one enemies.
I, who startle at the smallest sound
and thump warning when catching
the faintest whiff of evil on the wind.

I find myself cold and alone, in complete silence.
The absence of the others immediately
felt, heard, smelled.
We keep each other warm, huddled together
and breathing the life of the one next to us.
Tonight my breath is only mine.

When did they slip away,
moving through the darkness in quiet
only we of long ears can hear,
only we of sensitive whiskers can feel.
What made them leave?
Some twig that cracked too close?
Or one of the many smells of fear?

But that is not right.
None would run to the danger.
Certainly not all.
No, the danger was felt within.
Sometime between moonrise and now,
fear stole into their paws and hearts
and they left.
This danger also left me alone.

So I wonder now:
Did I, in some dreaming fit of fear,
drive them away?
And will they ever come back?