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The Ugly’s Truth

Outside my window, depending on the season,
a tree is on fire, or bare, or beflowered, or green-clad.
Everywhere there is beauty,
even behind my eyelids, when I imagine I'm somewoman else.

I see things like cracked pavement
and wonder at the moss fuzzing its way through,
or the miracle of an ant casting a shadow.
These things are shapes, colors, patterns, textures,
and all of them are amazing.

I have learned to trace the veins of leaves,
to hold up leaves to the sunlight and see each delicate cell,
to marvel at how they all fit together.
I marvel at my marveling:
Why find miracles everywhere
if miracles don't exist?

There is beauty in words, the sound of them,
the way they run on paper.
Beauty in the smell of my shampoo,
or feeling bunny whiskers on my ankle,
or hearing the laugh of my friend's son.

I live off smiles and hugs
and the beauty of community.
Too, beauty in pain that's shared
as it's divided amongst caring hearts.
I have beauty tucked away in a drawer -
the handwritten note of a friend to encourage me.

Yes, there is beauty in learning to be satisfied
with the love you are given,
instead of yearning for love you want.
And there is beauty in learning to love
the way others need love,
in crossing your own lines to give.

I see beauty in my own eyes
the flecks of green and blue and brown and gray,
or the shape of my lips.
But that is all; it's not enough.

Beauty is skin deep
(and many are shallow);
It's inner beauty that counts
(and few bother to look);
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
(and most behold the same images).

What is Truth?
What is Beauty?
What am I waiting for?