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The Reluctant Activist

I am no sign-carrier.
No slogan captures all I think.

I am no protestor.
Conflict irritates me; I want everyone to shut up and listen.

I am no poet.
I cannot string words into lyrical rallies for change.

I am no philosopher.
My brain stops functioning at a certain level; I get frustrated with subtleties.

I am no leader.
Delegating is an art I've no patience for which to train.

I am no political party.
Politics bore and disgust me - I am the immoral minority for either side.

I am no saint.
I'm too afraid of leaving my comfort zone; too fond of receiving recognition when I do.

I am no visionary.
The best I can do is reshape the visions of others.

I am no revolutionary.
Being self-centered consumes me; there's no room for radical fury.

I am no community organizer.
Wouldn't I have to be organized for myself first?

But I do...
- see need;
- hear weeping;
- smell fear;
- taste heartache;
- touch brokenness...

And so... somehow, despite all I am not, I work for change. For hope. For healing.

I work in the shadow of those greater than I,
whose faith is stronger;
whose vision is clearer;
whose heart is larger;
whose path is straighter.

And I learn...

There is no such thing as small change.

And I learn...

Even with the little I do, I matter.