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The Corner Store

They called him a dirty Jew
and spat when they said it.
They only went to his store, they said,
because it was so close.
They said his prices were higher than the others.
But my mother, who saved every penny
and who would have walked the extra block to another,
always crossed the street to his store.

He had a funny accent
in a city full of people with funny accents,
but his floor was always clean
and his produce shiny and wet from the garden sprayer.
He slipped us mints when we came in for our mothers,
buying eggs or spices or the newest women's magazines.
We ate the mints right away,
because we were afraid
of what our fathers would do if they knew.

They called him a Christ-killer.
Our mothers would've washed out our mouths
if we had used the words they used after saying that.
But he never looked that old to me,
because Christ was crucified a long time ago.
And I never understood why it was his fault only,
when the sisters told us Christ died for everyone's sins.
I thought that Christ died for love,
but they spoke with hate.

I always think of the corner store when I have a mint.