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Independence from a Balcony

Tonight is light and dark;
sound and silence;
color and faded monotones.

I wonder what it would be like
up in a plane, looking down to see
the earth exploding in shining multi-colored bursts -
red, blue, green, gold, white, purple.

Curious, how we celebrate freedom
with the sounds of war:
boom of cannon fire, crackle of machine gun,
and the undertone -
the hissing sizzle, as if
even this display of power has protesters.

Above and below me,
the light show not made in China:
stars and their summer counterparts,
lightning bugs, winking at each other
in some cosmic Morse code,
as if to say, "This too shall pass."

I hear the disembodied cheers of neighbors
victorious in their lawn chairs
and fat from burgers and rocket-shaped popsicles.

The wind is rushing the trees nowhere,
they are black charcoal smudges
against a navy blue-washed sky,
illuminated inconsistently.
They nod their appreciation to each other,
somehow in time to the music floating over the water.

I sense more than see
the bats sweeping around me,
silent custodians removing the clutter of mosquitoes.
Blade-thin wings slicing their piece
of summer's insect feast.

I am glad my friends are gone,
that I can stand alone on the roof
to watch and think,
uncompelled to murmur my admiration.
Instead, writing this in my head.