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There is the way things should be,
and the way things are.

While Bond sits in the backseat,
packed between Steve and Jim,
marveling at how he was roped into this
and loving it all the same,

the wind is sweeping over the tracks,
pushing a current of snow in curling formations
along the street in front of us.
Spirits riding the air.

The answer, Bond, is blowing in the wind...

Tonight is about being born again -
the essence of John 3:8 -
and we have swirled into the dark,
hardened hearts of the city
seeking the unsought
with direction both aimless and purposeful.

You cannot tell where we have come from
or where we are going...

On the northeast corner of Prouty and Stebbins a car is set afire.
The smoke and snow flurry over us as we watch,
and Bond works the small crowd that spilled off a neighbor's porch:
Know of anyone around here who's homeless?

There are lives on fire,
hearts smoking from the friction
between the way things should be,
and the way they are.

House after house is shuttered with plywood.
The gaps are stopped but still gaping,
bleeding something broken into the streets,
stories we've heard before but fresh with individual pain.

We stop random people on the street,
like a drive-by searching:
Know of anyone around here who's homeless?

Person after person is boarded up.
A kind of vacancy in their hearts
comes looking out through their eyes,
and the stories of wasted capacity for connection
are bleeding out into a city awash with disinterest...

Where is the wind that will make the waters recede?
When will our city stop drowning
in the flood of the way things are,
and be rescued in the way they should be?

Did someone send for the Coast Guard?
Because Jim is here and - Lord willing -
we will give a working girl a ride to safe harbor,
a care kit, and a hat, scarf and gloves.
Another soul drifting along the streets.

Our breath puffs out in humid clouds
as we walk across parks and yards and beside tracks,
constantly calling for anyone who might need to hear
that they count tonight,
and what we hope is heard as the louder message:
Whether or not you're counted, you matter.

Someone - maybe Shawn or Bond - thinks he sees
a person in a window after we exit
the abandoned apartment building near Collingwood and Bancroft.
Bond has heard as many as 40 people take shelter there,
but the shade flapping is because of the wind,
and if anyone was there they didn't want to tell us.

We have spent the night boisterous and blustering,
in the middle of the gusting of the way things are,
sharing in the shelter of united concern...

The way things should be.