Mission, Vision and Values

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Mission Statement

LifeLine exists to create an organic, missional, spiritual community in Toledo, and to help lift the city out of poverty.



LifeLine exists to help bring about the Kingdom of God in Toledo through building and facilitating organic spiritual community in the inner city and by mobilizing its people and other resources to help lift the city out of poverty, through collaborative missional efforts to bring transformation to individuals, organizations and systems.

We see the body of Christ fully restored to its organic roots, missional heart and spiritual power, reflecting God's love for the world. In our corner of the world, this looks like urban micro churches in neighborhoods, indigenously led, and highly responsive to the needs of the communities in which they exist. It mobilizes the resources of transformed humanity to engage the pain of a world still waiting for its redemption to be realized. We see ourselves as part of a church motivated by love for God and people to love mercy and do justice, walking humbly with God towards the transformation of our lives, our communities and our world.



The Text shapes our living and thinking

The scriptures provide ultimate guidance for faith, life and thought. We trust them to teach and guide, correct and direct both our life together and our engagement with our world.

We affirm the imago dei in every person

We value the image of God present in every human being as reason enough to treat each one with respect, and to infuse our relationships with honor and love, including those with whom we may disagree.

Relationships are everything

Our relationships with each other are not disposable. We work through our differences, valuing our relational wholeness above our right to be "right" or "first."

Belonging precedes believing

We welcome all people to our community, recognizing that in an atmosphere of unconditional love and acceptance, we all find the freedom and power to change, and a reason to believe.

The community is the embodiment of the gospel

The community of the people of God is not a disembodied voice, but the manifestation of God's heart for the world. In the context of this community of Christ, the gospel is lived more than spoken, and our words take on the weight of God's truth.

Table theology

We find God present and at work through life together around the table. Whether in the eucharist, at dinner, or just for coffee, the intimacy of the table transfigures human brokenness into restored shalom.

Creativity is normal

God is ultimately and infinitely creative, and those who bear his image (all of us) carry a creative gene. We value word and music, painting and poetry, work and play that reflect the artistry of God.

God loves justice; so do we

There is little, if anything, that disturbs God more than injustice. We value justice in every form, and we work to bring justice in our too-often-unjust world.

We take the handkerchief off our hands

We value deep and uninsulated engagement with the world's pain, heartache and sorrow. God calls us to the place where our deep gladness and the world's hunger meet (paraphrased from Frederick Buechner).

Christ's mind is communal

We value the wisdom that emerges from the community in dialogue and mutual trust, learning and growth. Together, we find the mind of Christ and God's call on our life together.