Lifeline Toledo

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Welcome to the LifeLine Toledo website! We hope you will find adventure and inspiration on these pages, just as we do in our day-to-day life together.

This community is as unique and creative as the people who make it up. We feel like we're best defined by the words community, artistry, service and entrepreneurialism. We are diverse in every way imaginable, but the real beauty and power of our life together is that there is simply no reason to try to figure out who's who. Here, every person belongs and is valued for who they are, not based on some arbitrary merit. Here, people are not measured by what they do or how well they do it, but each affirms, encourages, challenges and celebrates the others for whatever they do.

LifeLine is for people who are seeking companionship on life's journey – all of it. Faith, work, service and art are all part of our life together, and together we live out our understanding of these words: "No one makes it alone." Here, no one has to. We are each the others' keeper.

Whether you join us on these pages alone, or you are "all in" with us for the long haul, or you find yourself somewhere in the middle, you are welcome.